Job Assistance

Career Readiness Programs

Brandywine Cares' Career Readiness Programs include skills training, resume building, job search support, interview prep, and mentorship.
Job Training

Skills-Based Training

Through our partners, we offer skill based training that provides practical, job-specific education to equip individuals with hands-on expertise and industry-specific abilities.
Financial Education

Personal Finance

Financial Literacy at Brandywine Cares encompasses budgeting, saving, investing, wise spending, planning, knowledge, use of employer benefits, and management of personal credit scores.
Job Assistance

Entrepreneurship Programs

Brandywine Cares' Entrepreneurship programs foster innovation, business development, networking, mentorship, and skills to empower aspiring entrepreneurs.
Job Assistance

Data-Driven Career Coaching

Our Data-driven career coaching uses analytics and insights into the local labor market and employer needs to tailor guidance, assess goals, and maximize career potential.
The Route to Wealth Building

Coaching to Capital

Providing transformative career coaching and financial education to achieve security and build wealth
Our Vision

Building Wealth and Empowering Communities One Career at a Time

Brandywine Cares helps people find higher wage employment, achieve financial stability and begin building wealth that contributes to the economic prosperity of families and communities for generations.