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At Brandywine Cares

We are driven by a profound commitment to empowering individuals and families in our communities. Your generosity has the power to transform lives, providing essential support for those facing financial hardships, homelessness, and the pursuit of a better future.
Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to building stronger, more resilient communities. Together, we can make a lasting impact and create opportunities for a brighter tomorrow.

Join us in our mission to uplift and empower

Explore the various ways you can make a difference through your donation, and be a part of the change we're creating together. Thank you for your generosity and for being a crucial part of Brandywine Cares' journey.
Transforming Careers with Brandywine Cares

Join the "Write Resume, Right Career" Campaign

Your Contribution Matters

Discover how our innovative approach to career coaching and financial education is pioneering renter prosperity and creating pathways to success for individuals and communities alike.

Empower Career Transitions

Did you know that the guidance from Brandywine Cares can uncover passion and purpose, inspiring bold but worthwhile career shifts across different sectors? At Brandywine Cares, we take pride in being the catalyst for these types of transformations because we recognize that our influence can guide individuals towards alignment, growth, and a boost in industry career ladders.
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Make a Difference

You can be the push that helps build a career revolution in Atlanta. Your donation to the Write Resume, Right Career scholarship initiative fuels stories like Keianne’s. Together, we’re not just changing careers; we’re changing lives.

Join the Movement

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey for Atlanta residents and the community. Your donations can turn dreams into reality. Contribute to the Write Resume, Right Career Campaign and help us continue creating pathways to prosperity.
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Help is Our Goal

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Donate Now!
Thank you for your generosity and for being a crucial part of Brandywine Cares' journey.

Every contribution matters in transforming lives and building brighter futures.

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2 Suggested Options

Career Catalyst - $50 Donation
Resume Writing Donation

Empower someone's journey toward financial stability and career advancement with our Career Catalyst package. Your donation of $50 will provide essential resources to help individuals find higher-wage employment, enhance their job prospects, and begin building wealth.

- Professionally crafted resume tailored to individual skills and aspirations.

Prosperity Pathways - $500 Donation

Invest in the long-term success of individuals and communities with our Prosperity Pathways package. Your donation of $500 will cover the cost of a resume as well as 4.5 hours of personalized one-on-one coaching sessions


- Professionally crafted resume aligned with job goals and aspirations.
- Four and a half hours of personalized coaching sessions tailored to individual needs.
- Guidance on financial literacy, career development, and wealth-building strategies.

Help is Our Goal

Ways to Give

One-Time Donation

Monthly Giving

Fundraising Campaigns

Donation Options

Suggested Donation Amounts


Emergency Essentials

Provides essential supplies like food and hygiene products for a family in need.
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Career Workshops

Supports the cost of hosting workshops to enhance job-seeking skills and career development.
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Childcare Assistance

Helps cover childcare expenses for a parent attending job interviews or work.
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Financial Literacy Training

Funds financial literacy programs to empower individuals with budgeting and financial planning skills.
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Rent Assistance

Contributes towards rental assistance, preventing homelessness for a struggling family.
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Professional Development

Supports job placement services, resume writing, and interview coaching for job seekers.
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Community Outreach

Helps expand our outreach efforts to connect with more families in need.
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Full Wraparound Services

Provides comprehensive support, including housing stability, career guidance, and financial literacy.
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Transforming Lives

Makes a significant impact by assisting multiple families on their journey to self-sufficiency.
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Custom Amount - Your Choice

Your generosity can make a difference, no matter the amount. Every contribution counts. These suggested donation amounts and their respective goals provide donors with a clear understanding of how their support can directly impact individuals and families in need through Brandywine Cares.
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Tax Information

Tax Deductibility Information

Brandywine Cares is a registered nonprofit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations made to Brandywine Cares are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

When you make a donation to Brandywine Cares, you not only make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve but also benefit from potential tax deductions. Please consult with your tax advisor or the IRS for specific details regarding the deductibility of your donation based on your individual circumstances.

General guidelines

Individual Donors

If you are an individual donor, you may be eligible to claim a tax deduction for your charitable contributions when you itemize your deductions on your federal income tax return. Be sure to keep a record of your donation receipt for your tax records.

Corporate Donors

If you represent a corporation, your contributions to Brandywine Cares may be tax-deductible as a business expense. Please consult with your tax advisor or accountant to determine the specific tax benefits for your organization.
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For any questions or to request a donation receipt for tax purposes, please contact our team

Your support is essential to our mission of providing career assistance, financial literacy, and support to those in need within our communities. We appreciate your generosity and commitment to making a positive impact.