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Our Empowerment Mission

Driving Renters to Financial Success

We aim to empower renters with transformative career coaching and financial self-empowerment, fostering economic mobility and stability. Through sharpening career visions, aligning skills with purpose, and enhancing financial decisions, Brandywine Cares, alongside partners, commits to laying the foundation for resilient, prosperous, and sustainable inter-generational wealth and quality of life, contributing to a thriving community ecosystem.
Brandywine Cares is a catalyst, developing the trajectory using all available local resources to provide the roadmap for renters to set and achieve high career goals as a means to create economic stability and more. We help rewrite the script in the renter journey as new-age wealth creators. It’s no longer true that homeownership is the exclusive path to economic security and the ability to create the type of wealth that is passed between generations.
From Crisis to Catalyst: Our clients are often in a job deficit position; behind in hours, skills, and/or growth opportunities. Often, they find themselves misaligned from purpose, passion, and skills as a result of strained circumstances or post-pandemic recovery barriers. The silver lining of this economic downtown was the inspiration to establish BWC to aid renters in recovering from financial distress, guiding them to stability with new careers, higher income, and wealth-building strategies. BWC is rooted in prosperous transformation.
Work with us in our mission to uplift and empower. Together, we can create a future where financial security and professional growth are attainable for all, regardless of where they started. At Brandywine Cares, we care, we empower, and we change lives.
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Our Team

Board of Directors


Heidi Coppola

SVP, Operations, Lafayette RE

Heidi's lifelong commitment to fostering better opportunities in at-risk communities is the North Star of Brandywine Cares.

Frank La Falce

Attorney, Anthony & Partners

Frank is putting his expertise in financial services, business law, and real estate law to the service of Brandywine Cares.

Thibault Adrien

Founder & CEO, Lafayette RE

Thibault decided to create Brandywine
Cares to alleviate the economic hardships of tenants in post-Covid America.

Johnathan James

VP Operations,
Brandywine Homes USA

As a professional property manager and lifelong Atlantan, Johnathan knows the daily struggle that tenants face. He joined us to address them.

Frontline Team

Director of Workforce Development, Career Coach

Tamara M. Allen, MSML

Tamara brings a wealth of experience as a Certified Life & Career Coach and non-profit career professional.
Director of Marketing

Maylis de Lacoste


Maylis leverages her career-long expertise in marketing to increase our reach in at-risk communities.
Career Coach

Nicole Kellum


Nicole is putting her career-long experience in career coaching to cater to the coaching of our participants in Atlanta.

Small Business Program Development

Maria Gaitan


Maria uses her career-long experience in consumer banking and non-profit counselling to develop our small business program.
Strategy & Business Development

Eytan Rozenblum


With experience in management consulting, Eytan is building our strategic planning, budgeting, and performance tracking.
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Join us in our transformative journey towards uplifting and empowering individuals. Reach out and become a vital part of our dedicated team, making a positive impact on our shared mission.